Sydney still number 1…but for how long?

TripAdvisor’s Travel Choice Awards for 2016 show Sydney holding on to top spot ahead of the Cold Coast in Second and Melbourne in 3rd place, collated from around 5.2million responses from travellers
Naturally, as the major gateway into Australia, and being the largest city in Australia, Sydney is always going to fair well in TripAdvisor’s polls (it’s a numbers game after all isn’t it?)
However in January 2014,  the local government introduced ‘lockout’ laws that were apparently needed to deal with anti-social behaviour and late night drinking in Kings Cross and the Sydney CBD.  The statistics put out by various agencies have been questioned and are inconclusive at best, and there are suggestions that some of the trouble has simply moved from these areas to Pyrmount, an area not subject to the ‘lockout’ laws.
What is conclusive is that it is having an affect on Sydney itself, there have been several restaurants, bars and clubs that have shut down since these changes were implemented and we expect there will be many more. The CBD and in particular Kings Cross, will change dramatically as more bars and businesses close and less and less people decide to go there.
This in turn will have a knock on effect for the local jobs market where young travellers get bar or restaurant work to pay for their accommodation and their travels around Australia.  With less jobs available, what will this do longer term to the travel patterns of these individuals?  Sure they will still go to Sydney, any visit to Australia has to include it – but maybe the stay in Sydney will not be as extensive as it would have previously?
For now Sydney is still number one according to TripAdvisor’s poll, there may well be a change at the top soon though!  

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