Questions to Tourism Minister Steve Ciobo

As part of Backpacker Week, (the original event that was created and remains an integral part of the week), Adventure Travel and Backpacker Industry Conference will be opened with a video address from Tourism Minister, Steve Ciobo.  It will then be followed by an address from the Hon Anthony Albanese.

Unfortunately, as it is a sitting week in Canberra, neither he or Anthony will be there personally, however they will record a speech for the delegates of the conference and the wider industry which will include direct answers to questions posed by YOU, the backpacker, youth and adventure travel industry.

BTN is asking for operators, agents, businesses big and small to send their questions in and we will collate them and present them to them for inclusion.  Naturally we expect there will be many similar questions around the Backpacker Tax and Working Holiday Visa fees and conditions – however we know there are is also a number of local and national issues that need addressing and their profile raised with key politicians, so this is your chance.  Please send these in via the comments section on BTN (only sensible, relevant questions posed by real people will be posted) We will also be sending out an email to our database so if you prefer to contribute a question and not put it on BTN, simply respond to this email.

The politicians address will be followed by a panel debate and discussion based on the content and will look at the key points raised.  Anyone interested in being part of this panel should get in touch through BTN or via the email.

Other speaks and presentations already confirmed are, Clifford Bennett, will return to deliver a hard and fast economic outlook. There will also be presentations from Dr Sarah Gardiner of Griffith University and also Dr Gabby Walters & Dr Monica Chien, University of Queensland. Plus presentations from Tourism Australia and the Queensland region. More to be announced shortly.

To find out more about the conference and Backpacker Week events visit the Events website 



2 thoughts on “Questions to Tourism Minister Steve Ciobo

  • September 19, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    Qantas flights to Alice Springs -ex east Coast cost more than most international flights
    The previous NT Govt was going to announce a Budget Airline into Alice Springs
    When will this happen?

    • September 21, 2016 at 2:10 am

      It wont happen now that the labour government is in. The idiots sacked the CEO of Tourism NT who was pretty much the driving force behind it due to his relationship with the CEO’s of the Airlines.
      Ask Gunner directly if you don’t believe me. Here goes another four years of premium prices into and out of Alice Springs


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