Companies line up to take on the Bridge!

Roads & Maritime Services, the government body which oversees the iconic Harbour Bridge have started the tender process for the “bridge Climb” business.

A number of big name tourism businesses have put themselves into the frame to be part of the bid process which will also include the incumbent “Bridge Climb Sydney” business which was set up by entrepreneur, Paul Cave.

Blue Mountains’ Scenic World, Dreamworld owner Ardent Leisure and the operators of Luna Park are among around a dozen companies involved which will also include tourism heavyweight Merlin Entertainments, which is one of the world’s largest operator of theme parks, second only to Disney!

Whilst no infoamrion has been released by the RMS and the bidders (they are all under an NDA) the bids will be restricted in terms of what “attractions” can be offered as there are very strict security and safety guidelines around the Bridge.

Bridge Climb Sydney’s contract runs out next September when the next contract will take effect and it has been suggested the next tenure will be for the next 20 years.