Backpacking a frivolous distraction?

Gap year travel and backpacking is a frivolous distraction that will set you back in life.  Oh! No it isn’t, says Tourism Australia.

Sharing its latest plans to boost the sector with industry bosses attending the Adventure and Backpacking industry Conference (ABiC) on the Gold Coast this week, TA general manager marketing Matt McInnes insisted “Australia disagrees.”

His campaigning message was, “Our vision is to make Australia the most desirable and memorable destination on earth.”

A second phase of a promotional campaign on the sector’s behalf in 2017 would “challenge the youth of the world to do something extraordinary in Australia”, he revealed.

TA would be looking for an idea that was big, simple, and worked for the industry, east and west and was sustainable rather than “just a flash in the pan”.

There would be more information later, Mr McInnes promised after outlining the details of TA’s plans for a $2.5 – $3.5m campaign in what he described as the declining markets of UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Canada and Germany.

The campaign promotes messages such as the one under a headline stating, “Where every day is far from everyday” and going on, “When you’re on a working holiday in Australia the everyday stuff is not your typical every day.”

An additional $1m in cash and kind was also expected from sto, distribution and industry partners, he said.

A tactical digital campaign with multiple partners was designed to convert immediately.

“We will consult with industry to help us shape the right solution to compete,” Mr McInnes added.

One thought on “Backpacking a frivolous distraction?

  • November 23, 2016 at 1:25 am

    Furthering my previous comment, The seasonal agricultural industries relying of this workforce could have added a separate piece of legislation offering incentives, However, I feel that these incentives should be passed onto Australian citizens as well. Scrapping tax-free threshold is unfair.


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