Backpackers amongst 3500 evacuated in Whitsunday’s

Cyclone Debbie has forced the evacuation of many people from their homes in the Whitsundays, including many backpackers.

In Airlie Beach, an area known for diving and sailing trips, emergency services handed out leaflets to tourists on Sunday, urging them to seek shelter elsewhere.

“A disaster is likely to happen,” the notice warns.

“If you leave you evacuation until tomorrow (Monday 27 March), evacuation routes may be flooded, cyclonic winds may be occurring and you may not be able to leave the area.”

Sophie Gorman, 24, is from mid-Wales and has been travelling with friends including 19-year-old Joec Dortmans from the Netherlands.

They’ve been in Airlie Beach for a few nights and were meant to be taking a trip to the Whitsunday Islands before leaving on Thursday but everything has now been cancelled.

One person has already been killed and with the main brunt of the storm due to hit over the coming hours, there are major concerns for those in the Whitsundays, particularly Mackay and Bowen which are both in the middle of the storm path.

People are being urged to batten down the hatches and find shelter as quickly as posisble.

Source (BBC NEWS)

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