Australia’s First Capsule Hotel Opens in Sydney

Photo: Andrew Worssam Photography

A Japanese style capsule Hotel has just opened its doors in Sydney!

Last year Bar Century closed citing the Sydney lock out laws as one of the reaons for the closure. Fast forward to now and it has re-opened as a swanky cocktail bar with the hotel set above it.

The pods can sleep one or two people and they are kitted out with an LCD TV and a control panel with a climate control knob, USB port, headphone jack and a universal power point.

In an article from The Age by Esther Han, it quotes the costs as $50 for a standard pod and $70 for a doube. The price point seems to sit somewhere between a Backpackers dorm room and Air BNB pricing for an apartment.

Is this another type of accommodation for backpacker hostels to be concerned about?

James Oliver, Manager said “We’re attracting more of an older and local crowd, business people who don’t want to pay $190 for a budget room.”

Its an interesting concept and only time will tell as to how succesful it will be…I suspect a lot of people will try it, just to say they have stayed there!

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