ABiC Programme released

This years ABIC programme has been released and the content covers a wide range of subjects and key information so will be packed with take outs and action points . The outline for each conference topic is set out below. Several speakers are already confirmed with more to be added before the event kicks off on Wednesday 8th November. The conference will run from 9am – 2.30pm and will be held at the Watermark Hotel.

Tickets can still be purchased for the event at $249+gst Click Here to get your ticket to ABIC

The digital dilemma: an online labyrinth

The speed with which the digital age has engulfed the travel industry has been nothing short of breathtaking. Online booking and ticketing have become the natural concluding phases of online promotion, online destination choice, online quality judgements and just about online everything else.
For the travel operator, the choice to dodge digital is now all but non-existent but has left in its absence a labyrinthine multiplicity of new decisions to make. Which platform to choose? Or should that be platforms? How to differentiate between the good, the mediocre and the downright dire? And how to stop the rot setting by succumbing to the easy temptations of inertia

The do’s and don’ts of digital marketing

Modern day marketing? Easy. No more annoying advertising reps, pr spinners or expensive show stands. Just find someone on the staff who is IT savvy to tap into a website template, open Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts then set about tweeting, posting, liking and lol-ing to your heart’s content. The business will simply flow in. Or will it? No. And when it doesn’t, a clamour of so-called social media experts will queue up tell you where you are going wrong, what’s silly about your site and, for a hefty price, put you on the path to hashtag heaven.
If it doesn’t work like that, how does it work?

Tourism Australia Update

ABiC partner Tourism Australia appears to be on track to exceed its annual target of $115 billion in overnight tourist spend by 2020. But how important is adventure travel and backpacking among the Australian Government agency’s array of 16 key markets? And how, specifically, is it deploying its advertising, PR and media muscle, trade shows, industry programs, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research to help our particular industry sector?

Regional Updates
– RTO’s have been invited to present a quick are a update to the conference.

How sticky is the economic wicket?

Everyone knows that the fate of the tourism industry (and youth-fuelled adventure tourism in particular) depends on the economy. And on predicting with some certainty the state of the economic wicket the industry is going to have to bat and bowl on.
Sharing his thoughts on the matter, ABiC presents the man Bloomberg News rated the “world’s most accurate currency forecaster”.
Clifford Bennett has 25 years experience as an investment banker and media pundit. He is
author of “Warrior Trading” and acclaimed for calling the market via insightful macro economic and financial market forecasts.

Demistifying visa and tax tangles

Holidaymaker? Student? Worker? From the UK (417) or the USA (462)? Tax due at 15% or 32.5%? Under 30 or over 30? Voluntary worker? Farm worker? Here for 12 months or 24 months?
We will unravel a confusion of visa and tax tangles so that you can confidently provide your backpacker customers with accurate and up to date advice.

Meeting the millennials

There’s plenty of data available about who visits Australia when and for how long (and we’ll summarise the latest numbers for you) but less about their aspirations, experiences, how they are influenced or what Australia needs to do to meet and exceed their expectations. ABiC has conducted some new research – Meeting the Millennials – to be unveiled at the conference. It looks at matters like booking habits, work experiences, attitudes to visas and taxes, money matters, accommodation reviews, the highs and lows, the must do’s and the avoid-at-all-costs, and ranks Australia’s must-see destinations from top to bottom. We will analyse this new work and use the findings as the catalyst for subsequent round table break outs, discussion and resolutions to the questions it raises.